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Filtros conferences
Filtros conferences


The AuxDefense is a conference on Advanced Materials for Defense, sponsored by the Ministry of National Defense. We have been following this conference since its inception, and this year marks the 4th edition. We are the official Media Partners, actively collaborating in the organization of the event. Additionally, we have developed the visual identity of the conference and covered the entire reporting of the previous edition. In this 4th edition, we also take responsibility for animating social media. Stay tuned for more updates and news about this project.

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The International Conference on Circular Economy in the Construction Sector (CIECC), which takes place in the Azores, is a significant event born from the ReBuild 17 Project, with the aim of driving innovation in the valorization of construction waste.

This year, we are working on the 2nd edition, which will take place again at Nonagon, in São Miguel. Its theme is – From vision to reality: Building sustainably, and we have created a whole new communication line that reflects this theme. In addition to our support for the organizing committee, we play an integral role in the realization of the event, from creating the new visual identity that extends to all supports (physical and digital) to managing social networks, where we are building a community engaged with the theme. Stay tuned for more updates and news about this project.

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Protech Mask

The Protech mask project aimed to develop protective masks that effectively address the filtration needs of particles and biological agents at the nanometric level, while also degrading these agents to maximize user protection in environments with varying levels of risk.

For this project, we designed the mask, created the brand identity, and developed the product packaging. In addition to these tasks, our design team was in charge of creating graphics for the Open Day and played a role in organizing the event. We were also responsible for the photographic coverage and the project’s demonstrative video.

Protection Photography and Video Open Day Equipment


ICNF is an International Conference on Natural Fibers that has seen 6 editions since 2013. In the last edition, in 2023, the topic focused on “Sustainable Solutions Inspired by Nature.” In this sense, the conference’s image sought to follow graphic design trends while aligning with the location where it would take place: in Madeira – at VidaMar Hotels & Resorts. A place that transports us to the idea of being sunny and refreshing, as well as its traditions, without ever forgetting the main component – natural fibers.

In this sense, we had the privilege of developing all the graphic design, being actively involved in the organization of the event, and we were also responsible for the photographic and video report.

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The PluriProtech project, promoted by the Latino Group company, has as its main objective to focus on the development of clothing solutions for active protection and comfort, specifically for military purposes. In this case, we developed the project’s identity, as well as collaborated in the organization of the Open Day, where the two-piece RBQ protective suits (jacket and pants) were presented. Additionally, we were also responsible for the photographic reportage on the day of the event.

Protection Open Day Equipment Branding


The Impulse 2023: Innovating for a Better Future focused on three crucial key topics for the future of the industry: Sustainability, Digitalization, and Portugal 2030. In this event, there was an opportunity to hear speakers who are at the forefront of these areas, learning how businesses can navigate these trends. Impulse featured the presence of Assunção Cristas, Ricardo Rio, and the rector of the University of Minho, among others.

For this event, we had the privilege of taking responsibility for the design, ensuring a visually engaging and cohesive atmosphere that resonated with the themes of Innovation for a Better Future. In addition to the design, we were also entrusted with capturing the essence of the event through photographic coverage.

Sustainability Portugal2030 Photography Conferences Communication

Workshop Têxteis Médicos

The Medical Textiles Workshop had as its main objective to demonstrate the potential of the Center for Textile Science and Technology (2C2T) in innovative fibrous materials, such as personal protective equipment, wound treatment systems, tissue engineering, and medical devices, as well as intelligent fibrous materials. For this event, we had the privilege of creating the entire identity for the open day and communication materials such as roll-ups, credentials, and a portfolio related to Medical Textiles.

Workshop Medical Textiles Communication Branding


The Aux-seamless is the new discovery in fabrics for the Playvest Sports Division. They are using innovative technologies such as polymeric materials, auxetic fibrous structures, and nanomaterials to develop a new generation of seamless clothing for protection against low-speed impacts with a high level of safety and comfort.

For this innovative project, we had the privilege of creating the identity, both of the project and the Open Day, an event held to present the Aux-seamless to the market. We were also involved in the organization of this event and had the opportunity to do the photographic reportage on the Open Day. Furthermore, we also made a summary video with the most interesting moments of the event.

Photography and Video Open Day Branding