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The LH4Auto project aims to develop innovative and multifunctional automotive components in a thermoplastic matrix, with lighting and heating capabilities. The design approach incorporates new technologies, including the functionalization of polymeric substrates through multi-layer coating for lighting and the integration of fibrous materials with energy conduction capabilities for the functionalization of the component.

In this project, we were involved from start to finish, from market analysis and concept studies to prototyping and the final demonstrator product, where we showcase the technology developed by the University of Minho and Simoldes.

Technology Prototype Product Design Material Research Industrial Design 3D

Protech mask

Protech mask was a project aimed at developing protective masks that can effectively address the filtration needs of particles and biological agents at the nanoscale while also degrading these agents to maximize user protection in environments with varying levels of risk. Our involvement in this project included sketching, conceptualization, 3D modeling, and rendering of the mask, always keeping usability and user protection in mind.

Protection Product Design Material Research Industrial Design Equipment 3D

Enel Smart meter

Enel Global Infrastructure and Networks (EGI & N) was looking for a new sustainable design for single-phase and three-phase residential smart meters, incorporating innovative and technological features both in design and materials, and following the principles of circular economy and sustainability. In this context, we developed these meters designed for the future, which not only meet sustainability criteria but were also carefully conceived with a special focus on design. Each meter is not only a functional solution but a decorative piece that seamlessly integrates into residential environments.

Due to the sale of the rights to this project, we cannot show it publicly on our website. However, we couldn’t help but talk about this project, of which we are proud.

Sustainability Material Research Industrial Design Honorable Mention Circular Economy 3D Concept

The Good Bottle

The Mirpuri Foundation developed a research and development program that created an alternative to modify the way plastic packaging is mass-produced. We investigated, conducted studies, and developed based on bio-inspiration and biomimicry and conceived the solution “The Good Bottle”, a product with a futuristic vision that did not yet exist in the market.

Prototype Product Design Material Research Industrial Design Biomimicry Bio-inspiration 3D


The MOP-UP arises under reflection of the pandemic global context, Covid-19, and the way it affected the mobility sector. We have developed equipment capable of responding to health and wellbeing requirements, in order to make the user responsible as a public health agent, and to combat the spread of biological agents.

Product Design Industrial Design Award 3D Concept

Aux Ballistic Helmet

AuxDefense, founded by the National Ministry of Defense, aims to develop advanced personal protective equipment with high performance in impact, cutting, puncturing, and resistance, as well as military equipment components (composites) with excellent impact resistance. In this context, we take pride in having developed the advanced ballistic helmet for the Portuguese Army. This project is not only a remarkable technical achievement but also reflects our deep commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for the needs of our clients

Prototype Product Design Material Research Industrial Design Graphic Design 3D